The Tent Church was founded in Austin, TX with the vision of loving, equipping and launching people of impact to change the world. We are a hustling community driven faith, joy and love.

Make your tent bigger. Spread out the curtains of your home, and do not hold back. Make your ropes longer and your tie-downs stronger. 3 For you will spread out to the right and to the left. Your children will own nations – Isaiah 54

Leadership – The Turnley Family

The Tent Church is a multi-generational, diverse group of people who love God and love people with enthusiasm and generosity. We are always trying to figure out how to help out. This is lead by the Turnley Family. Prior to the Tent Church, Chris has led city changing ministries and global businesses. He is known for his practical and humorous messages about the love and power found in Jesus. The Tent is also led by Erin Turnley, who is a gifted leader, speaker, who is known for her humor and authenticity as she leads They have three children, Regan, Nolan and Evan.

I remember being 11 years old and encountering God at a Billy Graham crusade in Spokane. God’s love changed a city that day, it also changed my life forever. That is what He does, He changes the world by changing the world of each one of us. I encountered a God who was filled with love, power, grace and mercy that day and every day since.

He is a Loving father that has a unique plan for your life. Our life has an incredible and unique purpose. We are building The Tent Church to be a life-changing and globally impactful community. God is still changing lives and continues to inspire us to build a community that impacts those around us and around the globe by focusing on God’s love for you.

You belong, today, just as you are.

Chris Turnley

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